Ruizhongtai Qi (Charles)

PhD Student
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Email: charlesq34 at gmail dot com


I am a first-year PhD student in Stanford. Before that I was an undergraduate in Tsinghua, ranking top 5% in EE department. I used to intern at Microsoft Research Asia working on cluster service scheduling with high fault-tolerance. Last summer, I have spent a great time in US. First leading a crowdsourcing project in University of Notre Dame and then involved in a system project in CMU.

I enjoy working with brilliant people and contributing my intelligence and efforts to solving practical problems with impacts.


Stanford University, United States
9/2013 - Present
PhD Studnet of Electrical Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
9/2009 - 7/2013
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Excellent Graduate of Beijing Cit.
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
9/2011 - 12/2011
Exchange Student (only 2 students selected from Tsinghua)


Microsoft Research Asia
11/2012 - 05/2013
Full time intern
Project: Data Center Service Management
  • Explored and developed highly efficient and fault-tolerant algorithms for intra-cluster service scheduling as well as an event-driven simulator for testing
  • New algorithm achieved a significant 10% average utilization increase and was adopted by Microsoft Azure
  • SCION Group, CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University
    8/2012 - 9/2012
    Summer intern
    Project: Path Joining Problem in SCION Network
  • Worked on SCION prototyping system and gateway implementation
  • Proposed and implemented an algorithm for SCION intra-TD path joining where a new data structure was designed to support shortest-path search in low computation complexity
  • Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame
    6/2012 - 8/2012
    Summer intern
    Project: Crowd-sourcing for Urgent Human Computing
  • Independently built an automatic crowd-sourcing system on Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • On-line experiments successfully attracted 271 participators from more than 10 countries. Results showed the feasibility of sourcing engineering tasks to on-line workers
  • Research Institute of Network and Human-Machine Speech Communication, Tsinghua University
    6/2011 - 4/2012
    Research Assistant
    Project: Building Robust Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Algorithm for Real-field Applications
  • Proposed a novel detection feature using fundamental frequency and improvement of detection rate is achieved in real-field noise background. System used in NIST speaker recognition competition
  • Won First Prize in Tsinghua student research projects
  • Publication


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